Summer is here!

by James Windsor on 2020-07-01

We know that recently there has been a little bit of problems but we're hoping to look past that and move forward, so without further delay, here it is!

Summer Lotto Event 2020

Dear LotusRO Players,

We're happy to announce the servers first ever summer lotto event!

The whole month of july everyday at 19:00 server time the Lottery Girl NPC in Prontera will draw 6 random numbers between 1 - 45,
and depending on how many correct lotto numbers you've guessed correctly that day, you will win some amazing prizes! For a list of what you can win check the end of this post or talk to the Lottery Girl ingame.

To participate all you have to do is being a transcendet class character with a minimum base level of 70. Once you've reached lvl 70 all monster around the world will have a 1 in 20 chance to drop 1 of 5 different lotto boxes containing one of the lotto numbers between 1 - 45. Every single character on your account meeting these requirements can participate in the event, so the more characters you got the higher your chances of winning are! All lotto boxes and balls are account-bound and the drop rate is fixed, meaning its always 10% no matter what, bubble or event does not help.

Once you have collected 6 different lotto ball numbers, you can go to the Lottery Girl and turn them in. Be aware though that the Lottery Girl will always take the lotto ball numbers beginning with the lowest lotto ball number in your inventory! So if you got the lotto ball numbers 3, 12, 16, 17, 25, 32, 40 for example in your inventory, the Lottery Girl will take the lotto ball numbers starting from 3 up to 32 and you will be left with the lotto ball Nr. 40 in your inventory.

So make sure that you only have the 6 different lotto numbers in your inventory that you actually want to turn in, because once the Lottery Girl got hold of your lotto number balls she won't let you change them anymore until the next day!

Lotto ball numbers and prizes from previous drawings which may had some of the lotto ball numbers you've guessed then correctly can only be turned in until 18:59 servertime of the following day, after that you have to wait until midnight servertime to enter new lotto ball numbers.

New lotto balls can be turned in everyday after midnight.

If you change the lotto ball numbers after midnight to new numbers you can't collect the prizes anymore from the previous drawn numbers or the numbers you've picked previously, you'll have to wait until 19:00 servertime again to check for prizes.

The following prizes can be won depending on how many correct lotto numbers you've guessed:

0 Numbers: Nothing.
1 Number: Bloody Bransch
2 Numbers: Lucky Clip Box (when opened gives you an accessory with 4 hours duration that provides +50% drop rate while its equipped.)
3 Numbers: Safe to 15 Weapon Refine Deed
4 Numbers: KVM Weapon Ticket (1x KVM Weapon of your choice)
5 Numbers: Godlike Exchange Ticket (1x Godlike item of your choice)
6 Numbers (Jackpot): Permanent VIP Ticket (Turn 1 account into VIP for life, VIP has +100% Experience Gains and +100% Drop Rate)

Also if you've guessed for example 3 correct numbers you will win all prizes from the previous brackets! So you would also win the prize for 1 Number, 2 Numbers including the one for 3 Numbers.

We hope you all will enjoy this event during these hot summer days and we wish you all a lot of fun and good luck!,

LotusRO Team

Going forwards

by James Windsor on 2020-06-20

So as we're moving forwards, there has been some changes along with losing Kaito as a developer and since rAthena decided to implement the 2020 client which means that the money had gathered to hire a professional to add this to the server remained in the server without being used.

After a lot of thought and discussions we finally decided to use the money for hiring developers to fill in missing content and features we've been wanting to add, so now you might be thinking what does this mean for you as a player?

- It means faster / more reliable updates to reach kRO's 17.2 and a smoother implementation of feature requests and bugfixing, we here at Lotus RO Staff strive to bring you a fun and bugfree experience which has always been the goal, but as we've been severely understaffed this has not always been easy. But we have high hopes for these changes and we've found some talented individuals that we're hiring for these things and the second half of 2020 looks very promising!

- We're also putting some of the servers money into advertisement on RMS for example, hopefully this should help us be seen a bit more, thats all for now so we hope you continue to have fun and are as excited for the future as we are!


/ Lotus RO Staff.

Rune Knights, Guillotine Cross & Performers Rejoyce!

by James Windsor on 2020-05-29

Lotus Staff proudly presents the re-works for these "3-4" Classes as listed in the title but we wanted to share our thoughts on this topic as well. The Rune Knight rework is very anticipated by many as this once again makes Rune Knights physical playstyle viable and no longer forces them into Dragon Breath builds, there has been improvements for Dragon Breath builds as well but Spear / Sword builds has never been stronger so if this is your cup of tea, we highly suggest that you check it out!.

For Guillotine Crosses...its a bit of a Meta shift as focus has been shifted into Cross Impact & Soul Destroyer rather than Rolling Cutter / Double Dagger Crit and this is mainly due to the fact that these skill can now *CRITICALLY HIT* granted skills only recieve 50% of your critical hit chance so you would have to obtain over 200 Critical rating if you would want this to be a critical hit at all times, but either way we have already seen some insane damage screenshots from the community and it appears a lot of fun is to be had!.

And lastly performers...i personally dont know enough about them to make an assesment *however* from what i do know is that they can be very strong damage dealers now and do fairly well in solo play ontop of just party play, but i would recommend checking out the full patch notes for a more detailed explanation of the changes.

So to sum it up and keep this from becoming and entire book, playstyles have become viable that were not open before and the top damage dealers have shifted due to this and we feel that change in any enviroment is healthy for a balanced long term server, however we will as always be monitoring changes to see if anything gets way out of hand, granted we've said that we are *not* going to change things ourselves and we would like to stay with this mantra.

TL:DR - Reworks are great and fun and can be enjoyed by everyone!

/ LotusRO Staff

VIP Removal & Much More

by James Windsor on 2020-04-23

After listening to our players feedback we've decided to remove the VIP system from the server and instead Increase our Exp rates to 4x/4x and our Drop rates to 2x for everyone along with a Storage increase to 800 for all accounts. Originally we felt that VIP was a great idea for people who wanted to support the server but it turned out to be chasing players away as they felt that playing without VIP was simply not worth it to compete with people who had. And Since we never wanted this Server to be pay-to-win this was the most logical path to take so we turn another leaf and hope this decision might bring some people back who quit due to this System.

( P.S if you do have VIP tickets still that you've paid for, you can still use them for the bonus but you will be unable to get new ones, this is to make sure people who paid real money do not feel cheated or scammed in any way)

Having said that, we've also added a Lotus Trader in the Casino that will trade you premium wares for lower end things so make you go and pay him a visit!


// Lotus RO Staff.