Quality of Life


We strive to give you an authentic kRO feeling but we decided on making a couple of changes/edits to improve the quality of life.


We have Account Wide quests, which means that if you unlock an instance or a dungeon on one character, all of your characters can now go there, so making new characters / playing more than one character becomes a lot less of a chore!

We have updated all Achievement Rewards to be more fun and rewarding!

We have permanently enabled No Level Penalty so players can level anywhere they desire.

We have increased party share range from 10 to 25, this was done to compensate for the new level cap (200) and also to give people more freedom in partying together.

We have added a feature so that when a monster drops loot, there will be a pillar of light, colour depending on the loot, more details can be found here Drop Display System

We have added a global chat that everyone can opt in/out of with #global in the whisper field.

We have corrected the font size in-game by increasing it from 10 to 12.

We have added 25% more zoom for everyone.

We have increased the viewing distance to 17 cells up from 14 to match the increased zoom.

Storage increased from 300 > 1350 (2x 675) for all accounts.

Cart carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200 for all accounts.

Personal carrying capacity increased from 100 > 200 for all accounts.

Stat & Skill resetter is available in Prontera, free of charge below level 40. Everyone receives 2 full resets for free, after they have been used up it costs 10k zeny * baselevel per reset.

We use Global Instance Reset that resets everyone's Daily Instance cooldowns at midnight & Weekly's on Tuesday nights at midnight.

We have an Instance Resetter, where players can use Lotus CrystalThis crystal can be used to reset instances at
Lotus Crystal Resetterprontera,151,133,0,100,0,0
Weight: 0 
, more info at page ID instancepointsystem

We allow Dual Clients & Grayworld.



@commands - See which commands are availble

@refresh - refreshes your screen to remove desync and other bugs.

@autotrade - Keep merchants online without being online yourself by typing @autotrade

@mobinfo - Lets you check a monsters stats and drops by typing @mobinfo and the monsters name / ID

@whodrops - Shows you all monsters which drop the item that you requested, such as @whodrops Jellopy will show all monsters which drop this item including the drop chance.

@iteminfo - Lets you get additional information about the item.

@breakguild - Used to disband a guild.

@homstats - Check your Homunculi's stats.

@hominfo - Checks Homunculi's information.

@time - Displays current server time / date / day & night cycles.

@exp - Displays your current experience rate.

@rates - Displays your current experience & drop rates.

@join - Join a channel of your choice.

@channel - Manage your in-game channels.



Shadow equipment drops from monsters around the world.

All pet taming items have a 10% success chance.

 Battle ManualThis well written, detailed manual explains effective battle methods.

Type: Supportive
Effect: Experience gained +100%
Duration: 24 Hours
Weight: 1 
provide 100% increased base & job experience. It is only used up when you are logged in and is a buff instead of equipment.

 Bubble GumSweet, tasty bubble gum.

Type: Supportive
Effect: Item drop rate +100%
Duration: 1 hour
Weight: 1 
they are also a buff instead of equipment

 Bloody BranchAn ancient, gnarled branch with a contract written in blood upon the bark that can summon stronger creatures than regular Dead Branches.

Type: Supportive
Effect: Summons a random Boss monster
Weight: 20 
can now spawn all non-instanced MVPs.

We use the kRO refinement system.

Homunculus feeding system now gives you 10 points per feed up from 1.

Cute Pet's no longer requires feeding and be set to Loyal in Prontera by speaking to an NPC

All buff food weights 5.

All HD & HE / Enriched Ore can be obtained by trading with an NPC in-game.

Refine Deeds can be obtained via in-game drops from MVP's / bought with Instance Points.

All 1100+ costumes can be obtained via Fashion Coupons that drop from Old Blue Box, Old Violet Box & Gift Box.




All skills can be spammed by holding down the buttons rather than having to repeatedly hit the button if the skill does not have a cooldown.


Level 1 Teleport behaves like Flywings.