More consumeables to Lotus Point vendor & a small change

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More consumeables to Lotus Point vendor & a small change

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I would like to request more consumeables to lotus point vendor because the price tag on the items are just completely out of place and dont really make sense. I'm all for keeping the game grindy and fun BUT also reasonable which currently isnt the case with the lotus vendor. Running around with a kRO-like Buff bar is too expensive here.

"BuT YoU ArE GeTtiNg SoMe Of ThE ItEmS FrOm ThE AtTenDanCe AlReAdY"
Well Karen, they are free, these aren't.

Getting a lot of LP is much harder NOW please take it into account!

- Medium Life Potion Box 10 = 15 LP
- Small Life Potion Box 10 = 10 LP
- Mysterious Water Box 10 = 8 LP
- Mental potion Box 10 = 5 LP
- Giant Flywing Box 200 = 10 LP
- Guyak Pudding = 2 LP
- ASPD Enhanced Potion = 1 LP
- Abrasive = 3 LP
- Agi lv 10 scrolls box 10 = 10 LP
- Bless lv 10 scrolls box 10 = 10 LP
- Aspersio Scroll Box 10 = 5 LP
- Biscuit Box All Stat 1 = 10 LP

Small Medium Life Potion and Mysterious Water Potions
Are definitly super fun to use and you are not bound to use Hunter Fly Cards while soloing on lots of classes, opening up more builds.
For reference (the cash box in KRO containing 200 of each of these 3 potions cost 10€) its super cheap and not really as special as they are treated here.

Giant flywings
Dont really know why we dont have access to them.

Guyak pudding
Movement speed is nice in 2020. The mobility of most classes is a joke like Snap ( Sura ) Backslike ( GX ) Boost ( Genetic ) etc etc. This item gives some good speed to classes like AB.

ASPD Enhanced potion
Nice for mage classes that struggle getting high aspd

Bless, Agi & Aspersio Scrolls
Yes we want AB to have its utility so people Invite her to party, the game is getting more and more solo oriented. We cant change it, it just happens with the power creep and Arch Bishops get really strong rework in the future, making them the best Farming and S-Tier dps class, even stronger than current RK and almost as strong as GX. So even arch bishops will start soloing this game.

None of these consumeables are even close to "broken/game breaking/overpowered" at all. There are 100x worse items. These are just very convenient.


2. Remove all Biscuit Sticks from the vendor and Instead add a box that contains one of each stat biscuit for 10 Lotus Points. These biscuits are insanely overpriced like most of the items in the shop.

Most prices dont really make any sense in the Instance Point vendor. Again because of this reason i would love if somebody could try to make it possible to add a log to the vendor and you will see that nobody really buys these or the newly added almighty. I doubt anybody will ever waste their LP for Almighty with its current price tag especially now that getting a lot of LP is much harder please take it into account! Without 3x Instance point event i can barely afford bisquits properly. The vendor needs adjustments, right now its not very enjoyable.

Almighty = 6 LP instead of 25
Takoyaki = 2 LP instead of 6
Major Lotus Box = 25 LP instead of 50
Token of Siegfried = 7 LP instead of 2

(I'm not gonna bother recommending a proper value for BSB since whoever increased its price from 2 to 4 obviously doesn't understand the system. BSB now goes for 300k each instead of 150k. Sadly this change didnt balance anything)

And if any of the items I recommended get added, please dont overprice them "because forte wants them it means they are OP and we have to make it expensive" like you did with fafnir SET and polar bear cap. Very questionable prices that make zero sense, the items arent that good.

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Re: More consumeables to Lotus Point vendor & a small change

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We will look into this request, all the items you've requested i dont see any issue with adding them to the vendor personally but we'll discuss it as staff and come up with something, regarding Giant fly wings, theres no real reason, it was just never requested before as far as im aware anyway.

/ James

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